Make time yourself and practice daily meditation!!
You will LOVE the benefits!!
Beginners Guide to Meditation
For many non-meditators, the idea of meditation is scary. Spending time alone, without a cell phone, with your eyes closed
may bring up unwanted thoughts or feelings that you have so far managed to suppress. Or your mind may just continue to
wander. Or maybe you just don’t think you have time.
Studies have linked meditation with reduced inflammation, most likely due to its ability to reduce stress levels.
Because autoimmune disease is characterized by chronic inflammation, meditation is actually an important strategy to
manage autoimmune disease symptoms.
Even though you may go to a yoga studio, chances are that the studio deemphasizes the importance of meditation. This is
because novice yoga practitioners may feel frustrated by a focus on meditation. After all, most people in the West will only
practice yoga if they get some kind of a workout out of it—and meditation will not strengthen your biceps!
Only one branch of yoga—hatha yoga—focuses on movement. The other types of yoga focus much more on meditation,
breathing, and centering the mind, body, and soul. In the West’s quest for physical fitness, it neglects these other important
kinds of yoga (like pranayama yoga).
Meditation is easy, really, and it can be done right here, right now. Simply:
1. Find a quiet place free of distractions.
2. Sit upright with arms at your side. Posture is important for breath support.
3. Begin to focus on the breath. Do not try to change anything; just notice it.
4. Continue to focus on the breath while you scan the body for areas of tightness or pain. Focus through the pain.
Encourage the area of tension to relax.
5. If you mind wanders, pull it back with compassion and empathy. Realize that everyone has to fight mind
wandering during yoga.
At first, do this exercise for 5 to 10 minutes, and eventually you will easily meditate for 30 minutes without becoming
bored. Even if you think you don’t have time now, you will discover that the benefits of meditation are so great that you
will want to prioritize meditation in your daily routine.
So instead of skipping the meditation part of your next yoga session, lay back, relax, and enjoy the healing benefits of
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