Yoga in the Park

Summer 2023 Class Schedule

Summer Yoga for Beginners

Hillcrest Park (Mount Vernon Park & Recreation Building)

Are you ready to make a healthy change in your life?!? Not only is Yoga an increadible way to start the day, Yoga is also great way to reduce stress, lower your heart rate, increase blood flow and oxygen to your internal organs, improve strenghth and flexibility, build confidence and respect for yourself and your beautiful body! Best of all Yoga is amazing for your mental health as it helps to create self-awareness, self-compassion and is key in promoting self-regulation.

Yoga Workshops are a great way for yoga beginners to try something new! If you can Breath you can Yoga!

This workshop is perfect place to learn the basic elements of yoga. Find out just how easy it is to improve your mood, raise your energy levels, and boost the resilience of your immune system. Let Yoga help you to reduce pain, increase range of motion, and begin to feel lighter and healthier!

Allow yourself to be a beginner. Show yourself some grace. Learn how to calm the mind. Increase self awareness and begin to LOVE that temple of a body you are blessed to have! Yoga is not a competition. Yoga is for health and wellness. No one starts off being excellent. Come move and breath with Mamma Misty and beging to feel lovely in your body and mind! 

Each 90-minute workshop will start with a 30 min discussion about a different Yoga topic and move into a lovely 60 min Yoga practice.  When taken in its entirety, this series will instill a deeper understanding and appreciation for Yoga as a whole. The four weeks will flow as follows:

  • Yoga Basics  Week 1 | What is Yoga, Pranayama (breathing practices), and the importance of Mindfulness
  • Yoga Basics Week 2 | Anatomy, basic poses, props, safety, what class do I choose as a beginer?
  • Yoga Basics Week 3 | Start seeing the moving healthy movement
  • Yoga Basics Week 4 | Meditation practices, Mantras, Manifest Magnifiance, Shinrin Youku (Forest bathing benefits)

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Mondays & Wednesdays 8:00-9:30am
4 week summer session
July 24th – August 16th

Single Class $20
Full Workshop $140
(Inc spa gift) 

Beginners Yoga in the Park – Hillcrest Park (Outdoors in nature under the trees)

Come enoy a lovely Yoga practice outside in nature! Each class will start off with a little Shinrin Yoku or rather forest bathing (connecting with nature)! Once we are centered, calm and feeling one with nature we will begin our gentle beginners Yoga flow. We will work on imporving range of motion in the joints, lots of loving moving and breathing, mixed with light strengthing and stretching. This is a great way to start the day!  

Mondays & Wednesdays  10:30 – 11:30 am
4 week summer session
July 24th – August 16th

Single Classes $20
Full Workshop $120



Beginners Chair Yoga – Hillcrest Park (Mount Vernon Parks & Recreation building)

Are you ready to to start practicing Yoga but not sure where to start? Chair Yoga is great place to begin your Yoga journey!  This class can be practived on your Yoga matt or in a chair and is an awesome practice that is not only beneficial for your physical health but also your emotional and mental health. Yoga helps to improve strength, balance, flexibility, relaxation, focus & attention. Come Yoga with me! As I always say if you can Breathe You Can Yoga! This is a super class for beginners, seniors, those recovering from an injury and ANYONE wanting to begin practicing Yoga!

July 24th – August 21st 
More to come in Fall

5:30 – 6:30pm
Get ready for Summer 
More classes to come in Fall!

Single Class $20
Full Workshop $90


Private Yoga Sessions

Are you struggling with chronic pain, tired all the time, easily triggered, stressed out, depressed, working through a sickness such as an autoimmune disease or cancer? Yoga is an impressive practice that is not only beneficial for your physical health but also your emotional and mental health. Yoga helps to improve strength, balance, flexibility, relaxation, focus and attention! Yoga is proven to help reduce chronic pain and inflammation and when Yoga is practiced even 10 minutes daily Yoga can increase your mood, activates your parasympathetic nervous system that helps to promote a good night’s sleep which in return allows your body to restore and begin its healing process. If you are ready to make a shift in your health and wellbeing reach out to Mamma Misty today! Let us connect and see if Yoga is what you have been missing in your life. I know from personal experience it has made profound changes in mine!


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Misty 808-283-2631

Summer Session
July 19th – August 25th


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I invite you to explore the amazing benefits of Yoga! 

Bring Yoga into your children & teens lives!

All of my classes are aligned with National Standards for Physical Education, Health Education and CASHEL for Social-Emotional Learning.

My goal is to provide educational experiences through yoga to support the health and wellness of the students that I work with all while teaching a fun yoga class. I aim to improve students’ wellness physically, emotionally, mentally, and socially.