About Misty 

Yoga Instructor ~
Nutritional Health & Wellness 

I am a goofy, caretaking, wild at heart mamma of two amazing humans. I love the sunshine, being outdoors and most of all adventuring!! My hobbies are hiking with our dogs, biking, kayaking and gardening. I was born and raised in Washington until my lovely mother and I decided we were ready for a change. We packed up the kids and moved out to Hawaii where we enjoyed the surf, sand, sunshine and aloha. I raised my kiddos on the island of Maui until 2010 when we returned home to WA to reconnect with our family and friends.

After returning to the mainland I settled back into the dreaded office line of work. The usual unhealthy work environments, sitting all day,  eating lunch at my desk, a crabby boss to answer to, meeting stressful deadlines and never truly being able to enjoying the moment or just be present. It took years to finally realize I was unhappy, unhealthy and feeling just yucky way to often!!! I struggled with chronic pain and inflammation, gallbladder issues, fatigue and basically I was just starting to feel old. I started to do a little self-reflection professionally and personally. I was feeling stagnated, stuck and empty. I decided it was time for a real change. I wanted more!! I wanted to feel free, happy, healthy and young again!!! I needed purpose in my life and my career. I wanted to put my hard work into something I truly enjoyed and could be proud of!! I wanted to help others like myself. My decision to enroll with the The Institute of Transformational Nutrition (ITN) and take my education one step further to become a Certified Transformational Nutritional Coach was one of the best choices I have made for myself. 

Thanks to my amazing family and friends who supported me, hours of research, healthy diet and lifestyle changes I am here today happy, healthy and feeling alive!!  Looking forward to each new day, grateful for my blessings and the beauties that surround me. I no longer live in the past, I live for today. I am no longer bogged down with regret, anger or fear as I work towards letting go. I remind myself each day to slow down, take deep breaths, be mindful, be present and focus on the importance of self care. I am now experiencing the healing inside and out noticing amazing changes in my life, my health and in my relationships. 

Most importantly I am honored to be apart of your wellness journey. 


My Approach

My holistic approach to wellness is all about digging deep to find the root cause of your health issues. We will work together to heal you from the inside out. Heal your Mind~Body~Spirit. We will work towards letting go of your current beliefs and bad habits that have been holding you back from living your BEST life. We will work to create a program that best meets your individual needs and lifestyle. We will create new healthy habits and beliefs. I believe in addressing your physical, mental and spiritual health and nutrition as a whole. This is the only way to truly experience powerful and lasting results.

My Goal

My goal it to focus on your inner strengths as we work towards reaching and exceeding your healthy and fitness goals. We will turn healthy eating, exercise, self care, spiritual practices into a lifestyle. I will help educate, support and provide you with the tools necessary to work towards  our goal of you living a life of grace and ease that is filled with happiness, health, energy and soul. I want you to live your BEST life and feel amazing while do it!!! I want you smiling from the inside out!!!