3 Mistakes to AVOID When Cleansing Your Body of "Toxins"

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Mistake #1

  • Depriving Rather Than Nourishing Your Body While Detoxing.
    Fasting can be very detrimental and extremely dangerous. Detoxing side effects are due to nutrient deprivation that can cause headaches, irritability, low energy, nausea, joint and muscle aches, and emotional distress. It also puts your immune system at risk as it needs vitamins and minerals to function properly. Many parts of our bodies run on glucose such as our brain, nervous system, and eyes. So why do people fast if is so unhealthy? It is supposed to give your digestive system a rest and help release toxins when in fact your digestive system is under more stress and any toxins released will not have a carrier on which to exit the body. Deprivation hampers your body’s ability to heal and expel toxins! Cells and tissues need to be fed, not starved! The digestive system will slow without fiber, vitamins, and nutrients. Trapping toxins that would have been expelled. This is the opposite of what you were hoping to do! Digestive health is key to detoxing and needs to function well in order to eliminate the years of toxins that have been stirred up in your system. Without fiber, your body stops expelling toxins. these toxins then get stored in your body instead of being removed.

Mistake #2

  • Detoxing too quickly.

    Most detox ads advertise quick detoxing. It has taken a lifetime to build up these toxins and you cannot get rid of them in a weekend! However, you can follow my FREE “All About You Weekend Detox” guide to give your body a break from its toxic overload. Most short term detoxes are ineffective as detoxing needs to become a lifestyle. Too many toxins can flood the body. Stressing it out, causing skin problems like acne. Toxins can become re stored because the body cannot release them fast enough. Lifestyle determines how successful your detox and cleanse program will be. Study after study has proven that creating real change requires healthy habits. I know this can be difficult, but it is totally possible!!! It just requires a little hard work and a strong relationship with your body!! Listen and it will tell you it needs a change. When you undergo detox too quickly you will experience negative side-effects of detoxification such as headaches, nausea, depression, and digestive issues. You may also fall back into old unhealthy habits post-detox. Without changing your lifestyle and creating new habits, your body will remain toxic and unhealthy. Quick Detox Programs Can Make You Fat! Weight loss is a common goal of detoxing however many toxins and synthetic chemicals are stored in your body fat. Toxins are foreign to the body and your body has no idea how to process them and cannot digest them. So, they are stored in your fat because fat is considered as a stable storage place for toxins therefore your body does not want to let go of fat. This is Called Weight Loss Resistance Disorder TM and causes thousands of people around the world to be heavy and unhealthy. Short-term detox does not eliminate these toxins and it will be harder for you to let go of that fat.

Mistake #3

Not Taking A Holistic Approach To Detoxing.

Small changes lead to new habits, new habits lead to long-term lifestyle changes. Try to make your changes slowly. Even small changes begin to revolutionize your life. Detoxing your mind can have powerful effects on your body. Stress has a myriad of negative effects on the body which create and maintain a toxic load. Stress releases toxic hormones and chemicals that can be just as toxic to your body. It is important to analyze your life and examine from where and when stress comes from. Stress can come from just about anything in life. It is how you deal with stress that counts! You need to begin by making changes to your automatic response to stress. Making a CONSCIOUS DECISION to love yourself and nourish yourself rather than running home and diving into a pint of ice cream. This change can only happen from within. It might take time, but when it happens, your life will change by getting rid of toxic thoughts. You will feel happier, more upbeat, and things will just magically start to go your way. When things go wrong, you will have other healthier ways of coping with the stress. Stop yourself when you think negative thoughts or write in your journal. These things may sound simple, but they can make a profound impact on your life. Another great way to eliminate toxins is to incorporate some sort of exercise movement routine in your lifestyle such as Yoga which is particularly beneficial in working the body and organs in different positions that help move toxins out. Any sort of exercise, such as cardiovascular or resistance training, is imperative for a full detox and cleanse program. Finally nourish your spirit and connect with the divine through techniques like meditation, yoga, and visualization.

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